How to setup your Email

By deafult, MatterBooks uses it’s own email address to send notifications to your customers, on your behalf.

It’s highly recommended to send these notification using your own email. In order to do that you need to set up your SMTP email server into the system.

Explanation of the fields:

Driver: smtp (99%of the cases) or imap
Host: enter your host IP address or name
Port: Enter the port server is set-up to handle SMTP mail out, usually 465
Username: your email
Password: this is obvious right? 🙂
Encryption: ssl (99%) or tls
From Address: enter your email
From Name: enter your Name
Test Mail Address: enter an email address that you have access to, to test if the connection to your email server is successful. An test email should be sent and received.

When you press Save, MatterBooks will try to connect to your email server and send the test email. A green or red status will be briefly displayed on the top right corner of the screen giving you the status

Gmail users
Setting up gmail is a bit tricky because based on how your Gmail account is set you can have different configurations.

A good article about how to connect MatterBooks using GMail SMTP servers can be found here:

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